Syracuse Ad Club

A history of the Syracuse Ad Club by Paul Carl

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Origins of the Syracuse Ad Club

The Syracuse Ad Club first created its website in the year 2000. They described themselves as "a professional trade organization serving the Central New York advertising community."

They had over 200 members that included the media, advertising agencies, production services, photographers and local advertisers, as well as educational institutions such as Syracuse University. Their monthly programs consisted of a mix of guest speakers, informational seminars and networking opportunities.

The Syracuse Ad Club was a member of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and sponsored an ADDY Awards Competition to honor excellence in locally created and produced advertising. Their original website (pictured below) was created by Paul Opel

A screenshot of the original website.

2014 Club Relaunch

The Syracuse Ad Club fizzled out for a while but was relaunched in 2014. On January 15, 2014 the club held a relaunching event at Al's Wine & Whiskey in Armory Square. With the relaunch came a new logo (pictured below).

The logo for Syracuse Ad Club in 2014.

The relaunched club featured speaking events with national industry experts as well as informal events like their Notworking Networking Nights. Award events included The Syracuse Advertising Awards — the local ADDY® Awards, the Local Broadcast/Cable Production Awards, the Student ADDY® Awards and the Creative Spark Awards for excellence in account services, media and other fields.

The Syracuse Ad Club also held special events like the Media & More Auction, Holiday Gala, Funky Furniture Auction, CADDYs golf tournament and summer clambake. Club members also helped stuudents improve their portfolios and had the Suzanne L. McGrath Scholarship fund, which provides financial support to deserving local college students.

Syracuse Ad Club in the News

There are still some articles floating around the web about the Syracuse Ad Club. I've collected a couple here for you.

A 1977 Speech from James Henry Quello

James Henry Quello was appointed commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by Richard Nixon in 1974. He served until stepping down in 1997. While commissioner, James Quello spoke at the Syracuse Ad Club in 1977! You can read his speech here.

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